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Mercy Urgent Care Center to Open in Washington

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News and Features - Around Washington, MO
Tuesday, 18 January 2011
Mercy Urgent Care CenterMercy will open its new Urgent Care Center on February 4, 2011 at 3195 Phoenix Center Drive in Washington. Mercy Corporate Health will relocate there January 31. 2011.

Mercy Urgent Care will serve patients 12 hours a day (8am to 8pm), seven days a week, without the need for an appointment.

"Mercy Urgent Care will primarily serve those who have an injury or illness that requires immediate care but is not serious enough to justify the clinical expertise or financial costs of a hospital emergency room visit," said Dr. Robert Kunkel, director of Mercy Urgent Care in Washington.

Mercy Urgent Care is equipped with on-site X-ray and laboratory services for fast test results. Adults and children may be treated for fever, respiratory and intestinal illness, infections, sprains and fractures, cold and flu symptoms, cuts and lacerations, rashes and minor burns and animal and insect bites.

"Some of these conditions are easily treated in a physician’s office but others are not, depending on the tools that are available in that office," said Dr. Kunkel. "In some cases, patients might be referred to other services at other locations, maybe even Mercy Urgent Care."

Dr. Kunkel added that he expects many patients to come in with less serious illnesses because Mercy Urgent Care is open evening and weekends, when most physicians’ offices are closed and many people are off work and school. Moreover, there is convenient "walk-in" scheduling.

"Many people, although not always recommended by their physicians, work through their daily obligations despite their illnesses, or they have a difficult time getting in to see their doctors, so they'll see us at a time that works better for them, and that’s why we’re here," said Dr. Kunkel. "If you’re sick, come see us; we want to help you feel better."

Mercy Corporate Health is relocating from 1701 Heritage Hill Drive to 3195 Phoenix Center Drive. St. John's Mercy Corporate Health provides services to businesses to help them contain costs and build a healthier workforce. Mercy Corporate Health performs pre-employment physicals and screenings, treats job-related injuries and offers other employment-related medical services. Hours are from 8am to 5pm Monday to Friday.

Mercy Urgent Care and Mercy Corporate Health are in the Phoenix II Center at Highway 100 and South Point Road. Hours at both locations may be limited on holidays. Mercy Urgent Care is a part of St. John’s Mercy Hospital. For more information, call Mercy Corporate Health starting Jan. 31 or Mercy Urgent Care starting Feb. 4 at 636-390-2600.


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