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Looking, seeing

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Local Blogs - Curt Dennison Photography
Monday, 01 February 2010

Photography has nothing to do (ok, very little) with equipment, it's all in the eyes. I look at the world as light, shadows, colors, shapes all forming a composition. Everywhere my brain goes, my internal camera is looking, seeing, composing, enjoying.

Pinhole cameras have been used since photography began. You may have done it in school by poking a hole in an oatmeal can, placing a piece of light sensitive paper in it and creating an image. It's the same principle as when you view an eclipse in a box with a hole in it.

Ever since my garage-sale find of a 1942 Kodak Baby Brownie, I've been drawn to the way that the simplest mechanisms create images. That camera has a plastic lens, a shutter that opens and closes, nothing more. Today I do the same thing with all 3 generations of the iPhone. It has almost no controls and renders images a lot like my Brownie.

Creating intriguing photos that reduce the visual world to the simplest elements is the proverbial intersection between preparedness and chance. Suffice it to say, it goes right along with what I do all the time: look at stuff.

I look, I see, I am :) 


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Peace, Curt 

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