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We need "The People's Bridge"

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Saturday, 06 March 2010

No doubt, most people will agree that our bridge needs to be replaced. I don't have the time, or the knowledge, to comment on the economic, social and civic reasons. I totally agree that it needs to be replaced and wholeheartedly support those whom are working to that end. 

My reason for writing is to plant a seed in the thought process of the many fine people who are helping to get the project designed, funded and built. They are undertaking a monumental task and deserve our respect, commitment and most of all our partnership.

I think the new bridge should be named The People's Bridge. Its construction will be paid for by the taxpayers, it will be used by the taxpayers, and will fall to the taxpayers to maintain.

The people who live in this area deserve recognition for their part in the vitality of the region and I think the name The People's Bridge will send a message of honor to the citizens, our visitors and the State of Missouri.

Call your Mayor, Councilman, Representatives, Senators, neighbors and friends and ask them "What can I do to support The People's Bridge?!"


 "Moonrise over Washington Bridge" © Curt Dennison 2008

Peace, Curt 

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