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Well, Flick Me

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Local Blogs - Curt Dennison Photography
Monday, 22 March 2010

Have you heard of this thing Flickr? Well, I must be the last one, apparently it is a website for budding photographers to show and share their work. I read in a trade magazine that all kinds of talent is discovered there by the big ad agencies thus launching huge, lucrative, careers in photography.

So some boney shutterbug snaps a photo with his cell phone, gets noticed by Weiden+Kennedy in New York and WHAMMY!, he's the next big Ferrari shooter. Sure, I'm thinking, totally plausible. Two things I know; a) I'm a born sceptic, and b) I better get my happy self on Flickr!


My portfolio exists on the web already ( ) so why do I want to duplicate that effort? The more significant realization was what if people think my portfolio is on Flickr only? Yikes, I'll be labeled an amateur! After all, Flickr has a billion photos on it and although there is some great work, the interface is pretty pathetic.

OK, so let's put something different on there, more personal. And here we are back to the "boney shutterbug with his cell phone" getting rich. I'll put my personal, quirky stuff on the site. I have owned all 3 generations of the iPhone and aside from my 1942 Kodak Baby Brownie, there is no finer "pinhole camera" out there. It has almost no settings, one crude lens and thus favors the guy who shoots only with form in mind. My stuff is all about form, all I care about is light, shadow, shape and composition!

The above photo was taken at the new City Center in Las Vegas a few months ago. I was walking, saw the light, made a photo. My favorite part of photography is seeing things, the recording things part is just a way to express that. So I've made a set of my iPhone Pinhole photos and put it on Flickr wish you can see here.

I gotta tell ya, it's kinda cool being a part of something so huge, not like when I shot for McDonald's, but more like the cool that comes from being in a worldwide effort. I put stuff on there without caring whether or not it attracts some Big Ad account. I'm doing it because I love to make pictures.  Who would have thought this could be so much fun? Well, Flick Me.

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