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Local Blogs - Home Court Advantage - Donna Joerling
Thursday, 02 August 2012

Three to six months before you are ready to sell your home, business or land, it is time to pick up the phone and call a professional real estate broker.  Choosing to sell a piece of real estate that has been your family home for years, can be a very emotional event, and for that you need a third party's professional, non personal point of view and aspect.   Having someone constuctively review your home and compare it to other homes that have sold, that are competitors to yours and compare it to homes that have been presented to the market and expired, are critical pieces of information to examine.  Completing a CMA, Comparative Market Analysis, and going over the details with a professional real estate agent are the most important step and first steps in setting the price to sell, not just list, your property.

Being the real estate MESSENGER is not always easy in cases where the seller will find out that the real value of their home is not in line with what they believed the value is.  A delicate situation can be where the value of the home does not offset the loan balances with closing costs and commissions.   Having the stamina to deliver the message is the most important attribute an agent can have.  Simply taking the listing and allowing the client to set the price is a mistake.  Most likely, the property will not sell for that price tag and misleading the client is unfair. 

Most of you know that in reality you have to sell the house twice.  Once to the buyers, and the second time to the appraisal company.  The appraisal company is looking at and reviewing the same information we use when we do the CMA.  I often call it a backwards appraisal.  I do the evaluation in detail BEFORE I list the property and have the client review the statistics with me.  When I take clients online and look at the real facts, they are amazed at the information that I have available at my fingertips and how we together can quickly analyze the real estate market locally.  Statistics are solid and important when deciding how to price your home to sell.  Any agent can get a listing.  Selling it and creating a PAYDAY for you and your agent is the ultimate result desired by both parties.  If you are selling a sizeable home, I encourage my clients to take a look at the top two or three homes that they will be competing with in the active real estate market.  This way they will know first hand and SEE FIRST HAND what the actual buyers are seeing in reality when they shop.  

The next time you are contemplating selling your home, call right away.  Make the appointment to go over the details.  This philosophy and work flow works for residential, commercial, farm land, and building lots as well.  No matter what, the facts are the real  things to pay attention to.  Let a professional assist you with working through the numbers. Donna Joerling, Owner/Broker of The Joerling Group 314.808.1712.   

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