55 Years OLD or 55 years YOUNG housing needs

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Monday, 22 April 2013

As I personally enjoy the ripe young age of 55, I start to contemplate the style of life and living I am looking to enjoy.  Some of the questions I ask of myself goes like this:

"Self, what do you think about lawn care?"

"Self, how many times do you have company over to require such a big house?"

"Self, how many bedrooms do you need anymore?"

"Self, what do I see my life looking like in the next 10 years?"

"Self, do you think I will be driving into the city traffic at 65 years of age?"

There are more, but I think you all get the drift about things to start discussing when you and your loved ones are anticipating making a sale or purchase of real estate.  

Villas and townhomes are a great way to transition from a single family residence that may be too much upkeep for yourself. 

If you would like to sit down across the kitchen table and discuss what works best for you and your family, please call me at 314.808.1712.  Have the coffee perking and the cream and sugar ready, and let's make some decisions.

Donna Joerling, Owner and Broker of The Joerling Group.


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