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Missouri Real Estate Rally St Louis, April 25th at 5pm

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Local Blogs - Home Court Advantage - Donna Joerling
Monday, 22 April 2013

Come join hundreds or thousands of Missouri REALTORS who are rallying at Keiner Plaza 601 Market Street,  in St. Louis, Missouri on Thursday, April 25 at 5pm.

Last year in Mid May 2012 a large national group of REALTORS stood proudly in front of the Washington Monument and made our voices of many into ONE to be HEARD at a national level.

With that VOICE of REAL ESTATE we proudly showed our commitment to the largest industry in the United States of America and the pivot point of all economic growth for hundreds of years, the sale of real estate.

Think about the fundamental money and economic impact that just the sale of one house to a new buyer.  

When I sell a home in Washington, Missouri, see if you can find your TRADE or OCCUPATION on this list of providers that may be used in either the sale itself OR in the maintenance and remodeling of it:

1.  Appraisal Company

2. Title Company

3. Lender

4. Bank

5. Real Estate Broker

6. Building Inspector

7. Termite Treatment and Inspection

8. Home Warranty Company

9. Roofing Company

10. Electrician

11. Plumbers

12. Hardware Store

13. Large Box store

14. Staging supplies at local retail stores

15. Carpeting supplier

16. Carpet Cleaners

17. Painters

18. Tile Layers

19. Window washers

20. Power Washing company

21. Deck Staining and cleaning

22. Blind sales

23. Carpenter

24. Engineer

25. Draftsman

26. Gas Station so we can get to and from the house

27. Grocery store to feed all of us tired workers!

Think of any more, email me them and I will add to the list.  Just think about how even a $100,000 sale of a home generates SO MUCH REVENUE for our local community and the impact of that money being SPENT in our community!  Look at the jobs it creates!  

So the next time you are contemplating purchase a home, think big, think of impact, think of being in contribution to our beautiful community.

Donna Joerling 314.808.1712 Owner/Broker of The Joerling Group






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