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Farm Land Preservation and Management Key to VALUE

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Local Blogs - Home Court Advantage - Donna Joerling
Monday, 22 April 2013

Food Plots and Farm Land Management becomes an important solution when buying your hunting farm, recreational farm or agricultural investment properties.  Have you considered STAGING a piece of farm land for sale like you would a house?


Donna K. Joerling, Owner and Broker of The  Joerling Group real estate company is proud to announce the addition of its newest agent Daren Light.  This great addition to our real estate brokerage fills a need for our land and farm purchasers and sellers.  This gives our company added hands on experience in land management as well as food plot experience.  This is a tremendous asset when land and farm buyers/sellers are contacting us to assist them in purchasing real estate or listing their properties in Missouri for sale.  Selling Missouri farms and Missouri agricultural land is something we love to do here at our real estate brokerage.   


Daren J. Light is now a viable member and licensed real estate agent for The Joerling Group, offering our clients with his land management company’s assistance, a one stop solution to farm management, land protection and food plot installation and management for your conservation efforts.


You will appreciate the honesty and sincerity of Daren. Daren has been working hands on with farming ground and managing land for years, the last 10 years he has owned and operated Timberline Plots and Wildlife Feeders LLC. 


Daren has hands on experience in the ‘fields’ that he manages, the pastures that he manages and the assistance he gives absentee owners of farm and land throughout Missouri.  Knowing a network of suppliers who can assist in other areas of farm land management, Daren has a working knowledge of what it takes to keep the land healthy, the land in good shape so your investment does not start to deteriorate both in upkeep as well as pasture management.


Daren’s experience in land management offers items such as:

  • Food plot planting
  • Wildlife feeders
  • Tree & Shrub Planting
  • Brush – Hogging
  • Herbicide Applications
  • Yearly contracts are available to clients
  • Consultations with landowners

Donna Joerling, Owner of The Joerling Group states, “Both Daren and I were both raised on farms in rural Missouri.  Being raised on a family farm we know the value of the land and what it takes to maintain it and keep our investments safe.  We know the importance of keeping the property controlled from weeds, overgrown wild roses, underbrush, aggressive trees and shrubs is vital when you want to enjoy the farm as well as keep it up for resale down the road.  Owning land, whether used for agriculture crop rotation or simply for recreation, is still a major investment of your assets.” 


Hire real estate professionals like us when you are looking for Missouri farms and land.    


Landowners continually look for trustworthy individuals to guide them through the buying and selling process, giving sound professional advice throughout the transaction.  Both Donna Joerling and Daren Light know real estate, know farms and land, and issues to address when negotiating an offer or contract on property.


New landowners need to consider how they will maintain their asset and investment, the land itself.   If you purchase, own, or inherit a farm or piece of land that has been overgrown and need to ‘reclaim’ the property, careful planning needs to be made on how best to revitalize the property and maximize its real estate farm value.  Taking proactive steps to ‘stage the farm for sale’ are important to maximize your return on investment.  Just like we advise residential sellers on how to stage their home before it is marketed by our group of experienced agents, we recommend the same on Missouri farms an dland as well.  If you want your listing SOLD by The Joerling Group, take our sound advise.  We will work to advise you on what steps you will want to do to make your property pristine for a quick sale and help you get a good return on your land sale.


Have you considered how important keeping the land viable for wildlife and vegetation is?  Would erosion be minimized with proper seeding and native grass planting or perhaps wild flowers?  Can there be things done to protect the banks of your streams so that they flow naturally and maintaining natural vegetation growth along the water banks allows easy access for walks, fishing and tadpole catching is to the preservation of owner’s investments?  Isn’t it easier to fish a creek when you can access the best fishing holes?

PRESERVE land parcels rich with water sources such as streams, spring fed creeks, ponds, lakes and rivers:  For landowners that own real estate containing larger bodies of water, such as creeks and small rivers, maintaining their properties can become overwhelming.  It is important to keep a handle on large debris such as fallen trees and man made waste flowing down upon your property.  Ignoring these issues leads to not just cosmetic appearance distaste but also can create erosion when creeks and rivers begin a process of eroding prime real estate creek banks, washing away expensive land traveling a different pathway slowly but surely changing the appeal of your once beautiful piece of real estate.  Protecting your creek bank is important.  Watch out for those forever pesty beavers and the dam they can build very quickly. Buyers love to purchase land that has a water source, whether that is a spring fed stream, large fish stocked ponds or lakes, and live creeks that run year round for small fishing and walking enjoyment.


At The Joerling Group real estate company, we follow the Golden Rule treating our clients for life the way we would want to be treated as clients.  You won’t go wrong when you hire our team of professional agents.

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