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Do you feel the excitement of a new home?

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Local Blogs - Home Court Advantage - Donna Joerling
Monday, 02 November 2009
Okay, for those of you that have been homeowners for a while, I want to take you down memory lane for a few moments.  Remember when you closed on your first home? Do you remember buying the paint and brushes to give it your own personal signature of style and color?  Do you remember picking out the carpet, for some of us that might be the shag carpet for yester years.  Harvest gold and avacado green appliances memories are definitely dating myself in the homeownership process.    Okay now, how exciting is it to be a homeowner?  It is amazing.  Coming home, turning the key in the lock, walking over the threshhold and knowing that you are in your safe haven, that is what owning a home is all about.  I heard Richard Mendenhall speak, our past National Association of Realtors President who lives in our fine State of Missouri, and he said that the key to our freedom is home ownership.  Other countries that have been battling in war for what seems an eternity, do not enjoy such freedom.  Are you taking advantage of this freedom extended to you?   If not, are you at choice with that, or are you thinking that you can never be a homeowner because of credit, lack of funds, etc.?  If you truly desired a home and all the responsibilities that go with it, we can figure out a way to MAKE THAT HAPPEN FOR YOURSELF.  The key is coaching you through the process, both on the search of the home and on the financing matters themselves.  I have had the sincere pleasure in the last few weeks to help quite a few couples find and close on their first time homes.  Seeing their look of love and excitement in their eyes is what makes this profession all that it is.  I remember one lady, she just screamed with a high pitched level of delight when she found out the seller accepted her offer on her first home.  I heard her mother in the background giggling with delight as well.  What a feeling parents must have when they see their youngsters find their home and start their families.  How cool is that!  I leave you with this emotional note, find yourself a safe haven to come home to every single night and day.  If you are a renter, make your mark on this private space of wellness.  Keep it clean, tidy and neat, it is a reflection of you.  If you are a tenant, respect the landlord's personal investment.  They are providing you with a home at a reasonable rate of rent, appreciate them and their family when you make your payments on TIME as that will be important to get a great reference from them when you apply for a loan and get their feedback on your rent payment and its timeliness.  Keep safe, be safe and appreciate your safe haven every day.  Coaching you through life and real estate every day, Donna Joerling 314-808-1712
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