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Credit score repair and knowing the automated credit bureaus

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Local Blogs - Home Court Advantage - Donna Joerling
Wednesday, 25 November 2009

If damaged credit is preventing you from buying or refinancing your home, don't give up the credit worthy ship.  There are ways to correct and  repair credit reports and they can have a dramatic impact on your scores and your life.  By repairing your credit you could save you thousands of dollars with lower interest rates and homeowner insurance premium savings.   Consult with someone that has lots of background and experience and have them help you be your credit coach.

The credit scoring system is just that, a credit scorecard.  Knowing the ins and outs of the alogorithm system that compiles it help you also repair it. If you would like a demonstration of how it works, call me and we can go over a one of a kind state of the art credit analysis software program that will give you access to your own credit program that helps give you an action plan to correct and repair your own personal credit file, and it will notify your lender when you have reached the credit score threshold to get you the loan you desire and deserve.

This program uses actual mortgage scores, not the scores you receive over the internet, to insure that you can qualify for your mortgage as quickly as possible.  You will receive a step by step personal and customized strategy  to improve your credit position. You will receive a computer assisted program to get you on track with your credit.  It will identify areas of your credit that are derogatory and affecting your credit and give you preprinted form letters that with a simple  click and print, this can be sent off to your creditors to take care of these issues.  Properly worded letters, just print and mail and within 45 days the issues can be corrected and your score goes up.

Sometimes it can be as simple as payment reduction, moving your debt from one credit card, paying off or down balances,  each one is customized to your particular credit repair needs.  Options are available, so don't give up the credit score ship.   Regardless of what the issue is, don't sit by and let someone else tell you that you can't do ANYTHING, check it out for yourself and see what remedies you have available to you.  Happy Holiday season and don't overeat tomorrow.......Donna Joerling, your real estate coach, coaching you one step at a time through life and real estate. 

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