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Starbucks Closes Store in Washington, Missouri

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News and Features - Around Washington, MO
Monday, 13 October 2008

Starbucks in Washington, Missouri ClosesAs quick as it arrived, the Starbucks location at 3081 Phoenix Center Drive in Washington, Missouri has closed.

A corporate Starbucks release earlier this year included the Washington, Missouri location on its list of stores to be closed, however the dates of any of the store closures were not provided.  That corporate release was mentioned in this previous article: Starbucks Plans To Close Store In Washington, Missouri

Washington, Missouri is still home to another Starbucks located inside Target.  Both Starbucks were located in the Phoenix Center II development.  The remaining Target location, however, does not offer the drive-through service that the now-closed location offered.

Starbucks in Washington, Missouri

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