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City of Washington Continues Surplus Auctions Online

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News and Features - Washington, Missouri Government
Sunday, 14 February 2010

The City of Washington continues its effort to sell surplus items using the online auction service Public Surplus.

22 auctions are currently active, including a number of dutch auctions.  A dutch auction "is an auction in which the seller lists multiple quantities of an identical item", according to the site.  12 auctions have already ended in February, and over 40 auctions were held in January of this year.

Pickup locations for items vary by item and are noted on each auction.  Payment may be made by cashiers check, money order or major credit cards.  Additional details on bidding and payment can be found on the Public Surplus site.

To view the City's current and past auctions visit the auction website here:,mo/list/current?orgid=89806


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