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VIDEO: Red Light Camera Contract Won't Be Renewed In Washington

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News and Features - Washington, Missouri Government
Tuesday, 04 January 2011

Red Light Cameras in Washington, MissouriAt the direction of the Washington, Missouri City Council, American Traffic Solutions, Inc. (ATS) will be receiving a letter from Mayor Sandy Lucy indicating the city's decision to not renew a contract which would have kept red light cameras in place in Washington Missouri.  The council voted 6-2 in favor of a motion to let the contract expire, with Carolyn Witt and Connie Groff voting against the motion.

The cameras have been live since March 9, 2008 under a 3-year agreement between the City and ATS.  The cameras are located at Highway 100 and Highway 47 and at Highway 100 and Route A/Jefferson.

The vote came after nearly an hour of discussion which included comments and presentations from council members, American Traffic Solutions representatives, citizens and others.

Watch video of the entire discussion below:

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