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New First Aid Building For Washington, Missouri Fairgrounds

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News and Features - Town and Country Fair
Monday, 31 March 2008

The Washington, Missouri City Council, following a recommendation by the Administration Committee, unanimously agreed to assist with funding for the First Aid Building at the Washington, Missouri Fairgrounds.  The Council voted on the item in the City Council meeting on March 3rd.  The City Council agreed to providing $7,500 of the estimated $20,000 for the reconstruction of the building.  Additional funding is being provided by the Fair Board ($5,000) and the Washington Ambulance District ($7,500).

During the City Council discussion, Mayor Stratman commented "Hopefully the facility will stay within budget -- within the $20,000 -- but if it does run over a little bit I think, hopefully, we will not be just bound by only $7,500 -- that we will be able to come up with the additional amount."  The Mayor added, "We certainly want to get the job done and get it done right."

Construction is well underway on the new First Aid Building.  Shown to the right are photographs of the front (top) and rear (bottom) of the new building.  The photographs were taken late last week.

The Washington, Missouri Town & Country Fair will be held from August 6th-10th.  The entertainment schedule for the fair was included in a previous article on

First Aid Building At Washington, Missouri Fairgrounds



First Aid Building at Washington, Missouri Fairgrounds


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